Tea Brewing Techniques

Cup of tea

As a tea drinker for over 20 years, I’ve developed a selection of brewing techniques that allow one to fully appreciate the diverse range of tastes and aromas different teas have to offer. Beyond the traditional teapot steeping method, creative innovations provide exciting new ways to prepare teas according to their individual characteristics, resulting in the perfect cup every time.

Let’s explore some popular techniques for brewing delicious teas of all kinds!

Regular Tea From a Teapot

Sometimes called English breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea or just breakfast tea, this is the go-to for millions of people every day.


Rooibos originates from the bright green needles of the Aspalathus linearis shrub in South Africa. The leaves undergo an oxidation process to create rooibos’ iconic earthy, nutty flavor profile.

Loose Leaf Teas

For more delicate loose leaf teas like oolongs, white teas, and artisan black teas, careful temperature control is key.

Sweet Southern Iced Tea

Sweet tea reigns supremely as the iconic iced elixir of the American South. While many have their own closely guarded recipes, the technique revolves around a prolonged steeping of strong black tea highly concentrated with cane sugar.

Chewy Bubble Tea

Bubble tea enchants with its whimsical taste combinations, pairing sweet milky tea with soft, chewy tapioca pearls. It originated in 1980s Taiwan when inventor Liu Han Chiu had the idea to serve Chinese tea accompanied by chewy tapioca balls. The “bubbles” soak up the creamy flavors of the tea, providing an irresistible contrast of tastes and textures.

Soothing Cold Brew Green Tea

While most teas utilize hot water to rapidly extract flavors, cold brewing concentrates gentle flavors through lengthy low-temperature steeping. It works exceptionally well for mellow green teas, with little risk of releasing bitter tannins.

This covers a nice range of brewing methods tailored specifically to unlocking the flavors of rooibos tea. As you’ll see, utilizing water temperature, steeping time, tea leaf grade, and creative add-ins allows one to concoct the perfect tea for every mood and craving. With an open mind to trying new brewing techniques and a little experimentation and guidance, anyone can become a skilled home tea connoisseur. I’m happy to share what I’ve gathered after years of tea tastings and homebrew trials; please reach out with any questions! I relish the opportunity to discuss my passion for tea over a warm, fragrant cup.