Tea Brewing Techniques

As a tea drinker for over 20 years, I’ve developed a selection of brewing techniques that allow one to fully appreciate the diverse range of tastes and aromas different teas have to offer. Beyond the traditional teapot steeping method, creative innovations provide exciting new ways to prepare teas according to their individual characteristics, resulting in… Continue reading Tea Brewing Techniques

Baking with Tea Infusions

Welcome to the delightful world where the essence of tea meets the decadence of baking! In this space, we explore the art of infusing your favorite tea flavors into eatable treats that will elevate your tea time experience. From the earthy notes of rooibos to the fragrant aroma of Earl Grey, and the bold spices… Continue reading Baking with Tea Infusions

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Brewing Rooibos Tea: A Guide

Understanding Rooibos Tea Welcome, tea enthusiasts, to another exploration into the world of tea. Today, I am excited to share my insights on brewing Rooibos tea, a South African gem that deserves a special place in your tea repertoire. Uniqueness Before we embark on the brewing process, let’s take a moment to appreciate what makes… Continue reading Brewing Rooibos Tea: A Guide

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Does Drinking Green Tea Aid Weight Control?

Numerous studies, including this from ResearchGate, have examined whether green tea, rich in antioxidant polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), can boost fat burning, enhance metabolism, and reduce body fat over time – either inducing weight loss or preventing weight regain after loss. Early crossover trials first noted anti-obesity effects from combining green tea catechins with… Continue reading Does Drinking Green Tea Aid Weight Control?

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Tea’s Potential Impact on Heart Health

Numerous epidemiological studies suggest that regularly drinking green, black or oolong tea may reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and lower rates of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular mortality. Tea is one of the most popular beverages globally, with black tea predominating in Western nations and green tea in Asian countries. Researchers have hypothesized that… Continue reading Tea’s Potential Impact on Heart Health

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Moist South African Rooibos Nut Cake

Naturally Nutty: Rooibos Nut Cake Honeyed sweetness from toasted nuts marries earthy rooibos tea flavor in this subtly spiced single-layer beauty. With a densely moist crumb and grassy aroma, each bite may just transport your tastebuds to scenic South Africa. While black, green and oolong teas often take center stage in creative tea cakes and… Continue reading Moist South African Rooibos Nut Cake

London Fog Cake Recipe

A Twist on Tradition: London Fog Cake Capture the comforting creaminess of a London Fog tea latte in cake form with this Earl Grey and lavender-infused beauty. Frothy vanilla buttercream kisses tender olive oil cake layers for floral, bergamont bliss. As an ardent fan of the distinctive flavor pairing found in London Fog lattes, I… Continue reading London Fog Cake Recipe

Chai Latte Lovers: Vegan Chai Tres Leches Cake

Indulge spice-loving dessert aficionados with this aromatic twist on a classic tres leches cake saturated with chai-spiced milk. Cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon permeate the tender cake layers with luscious whipped cream frosting for sweet vibes. As a tea nut, I’m endlessly fascinated by innovative interpretations of recipes to showcase distinctive cultural flavors. Tres leches cake… Continue reading Chai Latte Lovers: Vegan Chai Tres Leches Cake

Light and Delicate Earl Grey Sponge

Savor the Scent: Earl Grey Sponge Cake Transport your tastebuds to an English tea room with this ethereally light genoise infused with the citrusy essence of Earl Grey tea. Sweet orange mingles with aromatic bergamot in each delicate, tender crumb. As a longstanding Earl Grey enthusiast, I seek out decadent yet understated desserts allowing its… Continue reading Light and Delicate Earl Grey Sponge